Weaving is the interlacement of two sets of threads (i.e. warp and weft) at a right angle while Knitting is the action of forming fabrics by the intermeshing of loops.

Reasons for the growth of knitting

  • The capital investment for starting a new weft knitting unit is relatively small. Preparatory processes are not necessary.
  • High prachine to produce a given type of fabric is a faster and simpler operation.
  • Knitting is more flexible than weaving. Styles and designs can be changed with unparalleled rapidity.
  • Knitted fabrics have shape fitting and crease shedding properties
  • The knit fabrics have become comfortable. It has wrinkle-free and easy care properties. For swim-wear and sportswear, knitoduction rate – less time required to complete  an order
  • Setting up of knitting mted fabrics are the most comfortable ones.
  • Knitting units require very less number of labours.

Comparison of Weaving and Knitting



Converting yarn into fabric by interlooping using knitting elements.

Converting yarn into fabric by Interfacing warp & Weft.

Capital investment is less due to less number of preparatory machineries requirement.

The capital investment is high.

Supply package is cone or warp beam.

Supply package is in the form of yarn beam and weft yarn is in the form of pirn/ cone or cheese

Productivity of knitting Machine is high.

Productivity is less.

Simpler operation and faster production.

Design modification is difficult.

Require less labour.

More labours are required.

Comparison of Woven and Knitted Fabric

Woven Fabric

Knitted Fabric

Rigid, inextensible & high elastic recovery

Highly enterable with incomplete elastic recovery

Less comfortable

Comfortable to wear and shape-fitting properly

Easily ripped by grapping between the fingers

Difficult to tear the knitted garment 

Forms crease & wrinkle easily

Highly resistance to crease formation


Thicker than woven fabric of same GSM

Stiffer than the knit of same GSM


High bending length/high flexural rigidity and bending modules

Low bending length / low flexural rigidity and bending module

Less air permeable

More air permeable

Woven are stronger

Knitted fabrics are weaker than woven



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