course is a predominantly horizontal row of needle loops produced by adjacent needles during the same knitting cycle. A course determines the length of fabric and is measured in courses per inch. 


wale is a predominantly vertical column of intermeshed needle loops generally produced by the same needle knitting at successive knitting cycles. A wale commences as soon as an empty needle starts to knit. Wales determine the width of fabric and are measured as wales per inch.

Open Loop: The open loop is one in which the loop forming yarns does not cross at bottom of the loop.

Closed Loop: In closed loop, the legs of the loop cross so that the loop closing takes place.

Face Loop: During loop formation, when the new loop emerges through the old loop from back to the face (or front) side, it is called as face loop or weft knit loop.

Back Loop: If the new loop passes from thr face side to the back side of old loop,  it is called as back loop or weft purl loop.

Technical Face: The side of the knitted fabric that consists all of face or knit loops, is called technical face of the fabric.

Technical Back: The side of the knitted fabric having full of back or purl loops is called technical back. Normally the reverse side of the technical face is the technical back.


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