Dyeing of Nylon

Dyeing of Nylon

Dyeing of nylon:

There are two types of metal-complex dyes, viz. 1:1 metal-complex dye, in which 1 mole of dye is attached to one atom of metal and the other is 1:2 metal-complex dye, in which 2 moles of dye are attached to one atom of metal. The size of 1:2 type is obviously bigger than 1:1 type.

1:1 metal-complex dye 
Dyebath is prepared with dye, H2SO4 (8%) or HCOOH (3–4%) and electrolyte (0.1–3%) at pH ~ 1.5. Dyeing is started at 40–45°C, slowly raised to boil and is continued for 1.5–2 hours followed by soaping and washing. 

1:2 metal-complex dye
Dyebathis prepared with dye, disodium phosphate (0.5 g/l) and non-ionic
detergent (2%) at pH ~ 6–6.5. Dyeing is started at 45–50°C and raised to boil.
Acid liberating agents like (NH4)2SO4 may be added to improve exhaustion.
Migration of dye is poor due to larger structure of dye molecule causing poor
coverage of shades; compound shades are produced with least effort and light
as well as wash fastness properties are good.
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